How Worlds Collide Works

MTN DEW ICE™ and DORITOS® offer up a flavor combination unlike anything the world has ever tasted—and now, we’re giving you a chance to play for unbelievable prizes.


Grab specially-marked MTN DEW ICE and DORITOS products and enter codes on to earn Collision Coins. Check out a list of participating products.


Come back daily to enter codes for a chance to win prizes instantly and keep collecting Collision Coins.


Collect all 10 Collision Coins to complete the set and unlock the ultimate Worlds Collide prizes. Once you’ve unlocked the Worlds Collide prizes, you’ll have your choice of any available prize.

Enter through August 11, 2018 (11:59:59 p.m. ET). Each unused Collision Coin will be entered into a Second Chance Sweepstakes Drawing for a chance to win a Worlds Collide prize. View Official Rules.

Collecting Collision Coins Collecting Collision Coins

Eligible users must collect all varieties of Collision Coins to unlock the Worlds Collide prize tier. Coin varieties include:


Snowflake Coin

MTN DEW Snowflake coin

Iceberg Coin

MTN DEW Iceberg coin

Snow Peaked Mountain Coin

MTN DEW Snow Peaked Mountain coin

Ice Shard Coin

MTN DEW Ice Shard coin

Lemon Lime Coin**

MTN DEW Lemon Lime coin


Fire Coin

DORITOS Fire coin

Volcano Coin

DORITOS Volcano coin

Sunshine Coin

DORITOS Sunshine coin

Heat Thermometer Coin

DORITOS Heat Thermometer coin

Sunglasses Coin

DORITOS Sunglasses coin

**This coin is a Rare Coin. Odds of receiving this coin are listed in the Official Rules.

Retailer Specific Promotions Retailer Specific Promotions

Some retailers may have their own Worlds Collide promotions. If you purchased participating products from one of the following stores, visit the respective page to learn more and participate: